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  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver across Toronto, right to your doorstep! Deliveries outside of Toronto to surrounding areas can be accommodated based on availability and with 24-48 hours notice. Deliveries outside of Toronto are subject to a premium delivery fee, starting at $40.00 +HST calculated based on distance.
  • How do you calculate your delivery fees?
    We are located in Bloor West Village. Any address in a 2 kilometre radius is considered to fall within our immediate delivery zone. Deliveries within this 2 kilometre radius are $5.00. This applies to Bloor West Village / High Park / Junction / Roncesvalles / Kingsway areas. Outside of our immediate delivery zone, we charge $0.80 per kilometre for a roundtrip journey. When submitting an order request for delivery, please provide us with the address so that we can calculate the exact delivery cost for you. For volume orders, we may be able to provide a discount for deliveries based on exact route. Please send us an email or call us to get a quote. Outside of Toronto, deliveries start at $40.00 +HST. The delivery fee is calculated based on total distance.
  • What if someone isn't home to receive the delivery?
    When ordering please ensure that someone will be home during the delivery window of 12-5 PM for the date of your requested delivery. If this is a gift for someone else, we strongly advise that you check in with them to make sure that they or someone else can be home to receive the item. If our driver attempts the delivery and no one is home to receive it, they will contact us and we will attempt to reach the recipient or the customer who placed the order. If these attempts are unsuccessful we will leave the box or tray in a safe place on the property and send an image to the recipient via text. Please note WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the box or tray if no one is available to receive it and the order is not refundable. Please make sure that someone will be home as we want to make sure your order always gets into safe hands!
  • Can you leave my delivery with the concierge?
    That depends! Some concierges will accept food items and hold onto them until the customer arrives. However, many concierges do not hold onto food items or don't claim any responsibility for the product. Please check with the concierge beforehand to see if they will hold it for you.
  • I need my order delivered at a certain time. Can this be accomodated?
    If you need your order delivered by a certain time, we will do our very best to ensure it gets there in time! We cannot guarantee that items will arrive by a specific time. Depending on traffic and the volume of deliveries on that day, deliveries may be delayed.
  • Do you operate in an allergen-free facility?
    Unfortunately we do not. We do our very best to ensure that items do not come in contact with allergen items, but cannot guarantee it. Please let us know if you have a severe allergy and we will let you know if this can be accomodated in our facility.
  • What allergies should I list in the order request form?
    Please let us know of ANY allergies you may have! We use a variety of products in our boxes and trays and we want to ensure that we are doing our best to keep you safe.
  • What comes with the vegetairan boxes and trays?
    Our vegetarian boxes and trays come with an additional cheese in lieu of meat products. Cheese portions are slightly larger in our vegetarian products. You can still expect lots of seasonal fresh fruits, crackers, baguette, and a variety of accompaniments!
  • What types of meats do you use?
    We primarily use pork-based products for our products. For non-pork requests, we use beef-based charcuterie meats instead. Please let us know if you have any restrictions with meat products.
  • Do you have vegan products available?
    We sure do! Please provide 24-48 hours notice for any vegan product requests. Vegan products are subject to an additional fee.
  • How many people does each box or tray feed?
    Check out our grazing menu for serving size. Please note that these are our suggested serving sizes, however this can vary based on if you're planning to lightly graze as an appetizer or devour it as a full meal (because a whole box of cheese can totally be dinner, right?!). If you would like to chat more on serving size for your event, please contact us.
  • I need to cancel my order. What is your cancellation policy?
    We require 5 days notice for any cancellation with a full refund. This applies to single box orders and trays. Any cancellation after this time cannot be refunded. In certain cases, we might be able to change the date of your order, but this must be requested before the original date of your order. A date change cannot be requested on the date that your order is prepared. Corporate and volume orders can be cancelled with 5 days notice for the balance of the order. The deposit is non-refundable.
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